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Having 11 years’ experience exterior cleaning of new build properties working alongside some of the biggest names in the building industry including Taylor Wimpey, Bovis Homes, and Crest just to name a few. We do not just offer cleaning services for new build sites we also clean existing buildings that have perhaps lost their curb appeal over the years of weathering. With the use of chemicals and cleaning equipment to agitate the dirt and stains we would then pressure wash to leave the area clean and clear of stains.

Using the latest technology, we use the SkyVac system with camera and monitor removing the need for ladders and expensive scaffolding, with high reach capabilities this means we can reach over obstacles such as garages and conservatories. We also offer a wide range of pressure washing services.

We offer:

Our External Cleaning Services

Pressure Washing

If you want to breathe new life into your patio, driveway, garden path or decking, pressure washing is without doubt the most effective solution. Using superior jet washing techniques, this impressive cleaning method can successfully remove all traces of dirt, debris, oil, algae, moss and other types of grime, leaving the area looking fresh and clean.

Dirt typically accumulates over time, so it is common for it to go unnoticed and many people tend to forget exactly how their decking or paved area looked when it was new. After employing our expert services, our clients are simply shocked by the difference in appearance.

Our range of power clean services are available in Solihull, Dudley, Walsall, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and throughout the entire West Midlands. Take the first step towards bringing your garden patio, driveway or paths back to life and get in touch with Pendress Powerclean today.

Help and Advice

High-pressure washing or high-pressure cleaning process is used to remove grime, mud, dust, loose paint, mold, dirt and chewing gum from the surface

Benefits of Using Pressure Washing Technique:

1) Extend the lifetime of your driveway

Pressure washing is the best method to remove dirt particles from the surface and extends the life of your driveway Every surface is different and requires different pressure levels for cleansing. Some surfaces can bear high pressure but others cannot and our latest high powered machines will be able to treat most surfaces easily.

2) Time Saving and Efficient

Compared to standard washing of the surface, power washing or pressure washing is more time saving and effective, often also providing a eco friendly solution too. The high-pressure water sprayed on the driveway will remove debris from visible gaps and cracks in the driveway making pressure cleaning the most effective way of cleaning driveways.

3) Increase Kerb Appeal

Regular Power Cleaning of your property can help to maintain an algae and moss free surface, having regular pressure washing and cleaning will keep your property looking fresh and clean.

4) Expert Advice

Our Experts can provide help and advice to ensure the best service for you.